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I made a simple script:

$ more test.bash
echo test
exit 1

When I run the script , the exit status should be 1

$ /tmp/test.bash
echo $?

But when I run this as the following

/tmp/test.bash | tr -d '\r' 1>>$LOG 2>>$LOG
echo $?

The exit status is 0, (not as expected 1)

It seems that the exit status comes from tr command. But I what I want is to get the exit status from the script - test.bash.

What do I need to add/change in my syntax in order to get the right exit status from the script, and not from the command after the pipe line?

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Use the PIPESTATUS array:

$ ls foo | cat
ls: foo: No such file or directory
$ echo ${PIPESTATUS[0]} ${PIPESTATUS[1]}
2 0

Note: PIPESTATUS is a bashism (i.e. not POSIX).

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