I have:

  • a shared library X, which is independent
  • a shared library Y, using X
  • an executable Z, which uses both X and Y

All of them have their own CMakeLists.txt, and can be configured and built independently.

However, I cannot make the CMakeLists.txt for the executable (Z) to work.

My approach has been this:

foreach(clib ${OWN_LIBS})
   set(LIBS "${LIBS} ${clib}")
   set(CLIB_DIR "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../lib${clib}")
   set(CLIB_BUILD_DIR "${CLIB_DIR}/build")

   add_subdirectory("${CLIB_DIR}" "${CLIB_BUILD_DIR}")

With OWN_LIBS being just "X" in project Y, and being "X Y" in project Z.

This works for project Y, but in project Z, I get:

CMake Error at ... (add_subdirectory): The binary directory


is already used to build a source directory. It cannot be used to build source directory


Specify a unique binary directory name.

I also tried trying to create a local build directory, so for e.g. there would be libY/build/deps-libX/ containing the configured and built library X (when used from Y), and Z having this for both X and Y. Unfortunately, next I ran into:

add_library cannot create target "X" because another target with the same name already exists. The existing target is a shared library created in source directory "libX". See documentation for policy CMP0002 for more details.

Using ExternalProject is not an option.


An additional answer for others:

I got this error because of a merge "error". In a larger project, after merging, a CMakeLists.txt called "add_subdirectory" twice on the same subdirectory. It causes the same error message.


X's CMakeLists.txt is processed 2 times (add_subdirectory(X) is called from both Z and Y). That makes the target X defined multiple times, which violates the policy CMP0002 (X is not globally unique)

For this link situation


you do not need to call add_subdirectory(X) from Z's CmakeLists.txt

   add_subdirectory(Y ...)

   add_subdirectory(X ...)
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    Right, but ideally I would not want to Z have to know that Y depends on X. Z's only concern should be that he uses both X and Y. Is there any robust way of doing this? – ShdNx Jul 15 '14 at 10:44
  • X and Y could be in a package – Peter Jul 15 '14 at 11:17

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