We have an automated batch that runs every day to synchronise users between an internal users MYSQL table and google accounts. Since the end of may (2014/05/29), this batch is failing because each request to create or update users results in the following response :

503 Service Unavailable { "code" : 503, "errors" : [ { "domain" : "global", "message" : "Backend Error", "reason" : "backendError" } ], "message" : "Backend Error" }

The only information I could find in the help center about 503 errors is that it comes from a quota being reached. Looking at the graphs available in the API console shows that we are well below the defined quota (150K/day), over the last 28 days period we did not even reach 0.05% of that quota.

Has anyone got an idea why we get that error since the quota doesn't seem to be the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Etienne Bömcke

  • Google APIs also have 'per-user' limits (developers.google.com/console/help/?csw=1#usercap) and I think some of their APIs may have a default limit of 1 request/second/user which in the case of a batch task might easily be consumed up. Although, it looks like your automated task had been running okay before the end of May so I'm not sure if this is a good lead. – user2073253 Jul 21 '14 at 15:50
  • 2
    I reviewed the per-user limits and we're still well below that. The relevant one is currently set to 15 per user per second, and there is a hard-coded delay of 5s between two successive requests in our application. Furthermore, even the first request fails, which would not be explained by a quota issue. – Etienne Bömcke Aug 5 '14 at 8:56

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