I am following Ruby on Rails Guides and I have an error in rendering partial when I want to create a new article:

First argument in form cannot contain nil or be empty

Marked error is from partial _form.html.erb located in the same place as index:

<%= form_for @article do |f| %>

index.html.erb has link:

<%= link_to 'New article', new_article_path %>


def create
    @article = Article.new(article_params)

    redirect_to @article

form partial:

<%= form_for @article do |f| %>

        <%= f.label :title %><br>
        <%= f.text_field :title %>
        <%= f.label :text %><br>
        <%= f.text_area :text %>
        <%= f.submit %><br>
<% end %>

new.html.erb which renders partial:

<h1>New article</h1>

<%= render 'form' %>

<%= link_to 'Back', articles_path %>

your controller needs a new method

def new
  @article = Article.new

that way there's an @article object that the form_for can reference.

When you follow a new link, the new action is executed and the form is displayed. It's only when the form is submitted that the create action is executed.

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