In my team we are migrating from svn to git and we have agreed upon embracing the git-flow flow. I've been playing around a while with SourceTree and the Git-Flow extension. Now, we have decided that the develop branch will be called development/current instead, but I do not find in the SourceTree UI where to change the Git-Flow configuration.

Is it possible, once initialized, to change the Git-Flow configuration for a given repository?


No, it is not possible (at least not at SourceTree

It is possible however to do it manually by editing the file /.git/config in your git repository.

The Git-Flow extension adds it s configuration in the following two sections, which can be freely edited.

[gitflow "branch"]
    master = master
    develop = development/current
[gitflow "prefix"]
    feature = feature/
    release = release/
    hotfix = hotfix/
    versiontag = release/
    support = support/

Resource: http://www.crisi.ch/change-git-flow-settings-in-sourcetree/


In SourceTree 2.x it is easy to edit your GitFlow.

  1. Click Settings if you're using Mac (Repository - Repository Settings in Windows)
  2. Select Advanced Tab
  3. Click Edit Config File ...


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You have to use git flow init -f

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