I've successfully installed Grunt Rsync https://github.com/jedrichards/grunt-rsync and had success 'syncing' a local folder to a remote folder.

rsync: {
    options: {
        args: ["--verbose"],
        recursive: true
    stage: {
        options: {
            src: "/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/barestrap-wp/library/uploads",
            dest: "shared/library/uploads",
            host: "barestrap@host.com",
            syncDestIgnoreExcl: true

The success response in terminal is:

Shell command was: rsync /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/barestrap-wp/library/uploads barestrap@host.com:shared/library --rsh ssh --recursive --delete --verbose

My "problem" is that this overwrites the "uploads" folder in the SSH host completely, i.e. barestrap@host.com:shared/library/uploads gets deleted. I'm not sure how to remove --delete from the options.

What I'm trying to do is 1) make sure that the SSH uploads folder contains all the files from the local environment, and 2) that the local environment contains all the files from the remote SSH environment.

This grunt task is partially successful in the first goal, but I'm unsure of how to achieve the second– in other words:

$ rsync barestrap@host.com:shared/library /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/barestrap-wp/library/uploads

Any insights are very much appreciated.

Thank you!


Your culprit is the syncDestIgnoreExcl: true setting in your options. From the conversation had in Issue #32 reported to grunt-rsync, that setting needs to be false to keep your destination folder from purging files that do not exist in your source directory.

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