Is (a|b)* the same as a*|b*? In other words, does (a|b)* accept string which are combinations of as and bs?

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Is (a|b)* the same as a*|b*?

They are not the same.

  • a*|b* means "(0 or more as) or (0 or more bs)"

  • (a|b)* means "0 or more (a or b)s"

So, for example, ab will be matched by (a|b)* but not by a*|b*. Note also that anything matched by a*|b* will also be matched by (a|b)*.

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In case of (a|b)*, you can mix As and Bs (see demo).

In case of a*|b*, you can have either As or Bs (see demo).

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