I'm an Eclipse addict trying to get more comfortable with Emacs for C code. Is there a way to get an outline view of a C file, similar to the view on the right of the image below, in Emacs in CC mode?

Eclipse Outline View
(source: eclipse.org)


Check out ECB, the Emacs Code Browser.


Definitely check out Speedbar. That will make a new Emacs frame that can be used as an outline. If you want something in the same frame, check out Sr Speedbar.


ECB is an integration tool that uses Speedbar anyways. It offers a lot more functionality though - the file browser with VC integration is particularly nice IMO. All in all I think that if one needs to make Emacs look more like Eclipse he needs ECB.


Take a look at Speedbar, which will provide this kind of functionality in any mode that has imenu support (including C).

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