I am working on a line-oriented telnet server, not a client.

Currently, to set up the connection, I am using:


Currently, the server only handles IAC AYT, and NAWS-related stuff. Anything else is rejected, like so:


However, the server still gets characters one-at-a-time.

According to here, ECHO and SGA (at the same time) enable character-at-a-time mode. However, I have both disabled. How can I make the client send data one line at a time?

I am using the telnet from GNU inetutils to test this.

This question's title is similar but, contrary to its title, concerns writing a telnet client.


I just checked my old telnet server source and I send WILL and WONT from the server side. I handled DO and DONT from the client.

Are you actually trying to code a true telnet server, or just a server that is compatible with telnet that does sends data a line at a time (like a text based chat or game server)? If the latter, you can do away with most of your options because in my experience, telnet clients default to line at a time.

For my game server (MUD++) all I ever did in standard game play mode was to disable / enable echo during password state in login, or kick into character mode and start a pseudo tty when the user invoked the PICO editor.

UPDATE: If you plan to seriously write a telnet server or any other network software, I really like the classic W. Richard Stevens series. TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1, The Protocols covers telnet in a practical sense, and coupled with the RFCs like 1184 (if I recall) you'll have everything you need.

  • It doesn't work. I still get the characters one-at-a-time. GNU inetutils seems to send IAC WONT ECHO. Is GNU inetutils the cause? – theunamedguy Jul 16 '14 at 18:33
  • 1
    I assume it is sending WONT ECHO because your server sends DONT ECHO and WONT is the response to DONT. – codenheim Jul 16 '14 at 18:35
  • 1
    @theunamedguy: If it's sending "WONT ECHO" in response to you telling it "DONT ECHO", then that would be normal. It might help if you put the entire message exchange in your original post. – indiv Jul 16 '14 at 18:35
  • Never mind. I had some stale code sitting around that enabled SGA. It works with it removed. – theunamedguy Jul 16 '14 at 18:38
  • Oh yeah, this wasn't a "real" telnet server, it's just a game server – theunamedguy Jul 16 '14 at 18:39

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