Is it possible to define a default locale that should be loaded in case the user sets ?lang=unknownlang ?

In my spring-servlet.xml i have:

<bean id="localeChangeInterceptor"
    <property name="paramName" value="lang" />

<bean id="localeResolver"
    <property name="defaultLocale" value="pt" />

Also if i specify invalid characters in my url param like ?lang=p@t, spring throws an exception that should be handled, how would i go about that ?

Error 500: org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Request processing failed&#59; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Locale part &quot;&#39;&quot; contains invalid characters

I managed to solve these problems.

Regarding the default locale, spring will solve that internally as long as there is a default .properties file in the resource bundle.

So in my case there would have to be a xxx_pt.properties xxx_en.properties and a xxx.properties.

For the exception handling I actually had to override the preHandle method of the LocaleChangeInterceptor class and catch the exception:


<bean id="localeChangeInterceptor"
    <property name="paramName" value="lang" />


public class LanguageExceptionHandler extends LocaleChangeInterceptor {
    public boolean preHandle(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, Object handler) {
        try {
            super.preHandle(request, response, handler);
        } catch (ServletException e) {
            DebugLogger.writeError("ServletException", e);
        } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
            DebugLogger.writeError("IllegalArgumentException", e);
        return true;

Although according to this, invalid characters should be handled differently in newer versions of Spring.

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    i have file like messages.properties ,messages_en-IN.properties and messages_en-HI.properties ...where should i write and run LanguageExceptionHandler code? I am using spring with xml(not java config) I have error as "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Locale part "en-IN"" – swapyonubuntu Jul 3 '15 at 5:01

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