I am fairly new to vbscript and programming in general(less than a year). I am writing an ASP classic page that returns results from a database. One field in the database returns an unformatted string of text. I need to search the text for numbers with a period next to them. For each of those found I want to start a new line for example:

    comments = "New String 1.blah 2.blah 3.blah 4.blah 5.blah 6.blah"

While playing with the idea and researching stack and other sites I came up with the following:

  1. Trim the blank space on the left w/ Trim() and search the string for a number followed by a period. n1 = Trim(InStr(comments, 1&".")) -1
    n2 = Trim(InStr(comments, 2&".")) -1

  2. Determine the number of characters between the numbered positions by subtracting the previous number:

    p1 = n1-n0
    p2 = n2-n1
    p3 = n3-n1
  3. Print the results using vbs Left() and Mid()

    response.write(Left(comments,n1) & "</br>")
    response.write(Mid(comments,n1,p2) &"</br")
    response.write(Mid(commesnt,n2,p3) &"</br>")
  4. Returns the result

New String




etc. and so forth

Where my difficulties are arising is when I am trying to store everything in variables to create the function so that I can just pass in the comments or the notes and it will produce the correct output.

  1. ive tested this and it successfully returns a list of the positions.

    For i = 1 to 10
    n= Trim(InStr(comments,i & ".")& "</br>")
  2. This is where I get lost as you will see by my incoherant nonsense:

Problem 1: I am not sure how to set the above results into a dynamic array in vbscript.


Problem 2: I am then not sure how to use that array to allow me to subtract an array element from the next array element to create the p variable and loop it for each element in n.

  1. after I figure that out it should be a simple matter of looping the following to get the desired results:

    response.write(Mid(comments,n,p) & "</br>")

Up to this point in my programming I have been able to figure just about everything out, but this is the most complicated that I have come to yet. Again, i'm a noob programmer, so be gentle :) I appreciate any help that you geniuses can give.


I dont know if you can get away with this in your ASP page but you could use a regular expression object to do some of the more complicated work.

strString = "New String 1.blah 2.blah 3.blah 4.blah 5.blah 6.blah"

Set objRE = New RegExp
With objRE
    .Pattern    = "\d\.\w+"
    .IgnoreCase = True
    .Global     = True
End With

' Test method returns TRUE if a match is found
If objRE.test(strString) Then
    set match = objRE.Execute(strString)
    ' Next line will show the count of the retuned objects
    for each item in match
        MsgBox item
End If

Set objRE = Nothing

The regex string will match a single digit followed by a period and the data that follows up until a space. If you have more the single digits you could change \d to \d+? which will grab more without being greedy.


Thank You for the Regex pointer. It was way more effective that writing 100+ lines using the InStr() function. This is what I came up with. It finds each occurrance of a digit followed by a period or a digit followed by a letter and then a period within a string. It then determines the number of characters between each occurrance and uses that number with the mid() function to print each occurrance and the corresponding text to a new line.

Set objRegEx = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
    objRegEx.Global = True   
    objRegEx.Pattern = "\d+[.]|\d+[a-z][.]"

str = comments
Set colMatches = objRegEx.Execute(str)  

If colMatches.Count > 0 THEN
    For Each strMatch in colMatches 
If i="" then i=0 End if
chrNum = strMatch.FirstIndex -i
    response.write(mid(str,i,chrNum) & "</br>") 
End If

As a total noob to VBScript I appreciate critisism and suggestions. If you see anything in my code that can be improved(even just housekeeping) let me know as I am 100% self taught and have no formal training. Thanks!

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