1. From svn to git but I just created new git repository without migrate with git svn... bad idea now I know...

  2. Some work done in a new branch from this new repository without svn history...

  3. Discovered git-svn and made a new branch svn-cloned with all the history from svn.

But now I have two trees, and GitHub tells me that I cannot pull my branch (some work done) from master (new without svn history) with this new branch migrated from svn...

Any ideas?



  • <initial> is the initial commit you made at step 1.
  • all your further work in git is based on top of that and is pointed by master branch
  • the git-svn'ed tree you want to integrate with is svn/trunk

you may simply do a rebase:

git rebase --onto <svn/trunk> <initial> master
#and if you wish to push your changes back to svn
git svn dcommit

alternatively and if you don't care about the history of <initial>...master you could do a soft branch reset.

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