From the Stripe docs:

When you cancel the subscription, the customer's card will not be charged again, but no money will be refunded either. If you'd like to issue a refund, you can do so through Stripe's dashboard or via the API.

I created a monthly subscription, and I only want to refund the amount of money for the number of days that have not yet passed within the month of the subscription. How can I refund only the amount of money from the subscription for the days that are not complete yet with the Stripe API?

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    It's mid-2016 and it's astonishing Stripe still hasn't implemented the entire subscription life-cycle (specifically end-of-life) – DeepSpace101 May 12 '16 at 3:35

You will need to calculate refund amount, and then make a refund API call to Stripe. After refund you will have to make another API call for Subscription cancellation


If you want to let Stripe handle the refund calculations you can change the subscription qty to 0 then cancel the plan after.

  • To elaborate on this trick, you need to set the quantity to zero and then retrieve the upcoming invoice to get the refunded amount (upcomingInvoice.total * -1). To issue a refund, grab the latest paid invoice (not the upcoming) and use the charge id to issue the refund. – claviska Dec 12 '17 at 17:18

After researching for a while, I came to this flow written in JavaScript for Node.js:

refundAndUnsubscribe = async function () {
try {

    // Set proration date to this moment:
    const proration_date = Math.floor(Date.now() / 1000);

    let sub = await stripe.subscriptions.retrieve("sub_CILnalN9HpvADj");

    // See what the next invoice would look like with a plan switch
    // and proration set:
    let items = [{
        quantity: 0,
        id: sub.items.data[0].id,
        plan: "your_plan" // Switch to new plan

    let invoices = await stripe.invoices.retrieveUpcoming('cus_CIP9dtlq143gq7', 'sub_CILnalN9HpvADj', {
        subscription_items: items,
        subscription_proration_date: proration_date

    //List all invoices
    let payedInvoicesList = await stripe.invoices.list({
        customer: 'cus_CIP9dtlq143gq7'

    // Calculate the proration cost:
    let current_prorations = [];
    let cost = 0;
    for (var i = 0; i < invoices.lines.data.length; i++) {
        let invoice_item = invoices.lines.data[i];
        if (invoice_item.period.start == proration_date) {
            cost += invoice_item.amount;

    //create a refund
    if (cost !== 0) {
        cost = (cost < 0) ? cost * -1 : cost //A positive integer in cents

        let refund = await stripe.refunds.create({
            charge: payedInvoicesList.data[0].charge,
            amount: cost

    // delete subscription
    return stripe.subscriptions.del('sub_CILnalN9HpvADj');

} catch (e) {


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