I have a Google Blogger blog where I blog. Sometime ago, I posted a post but now after getting new data, I updated that post and I got new URL of that post. But I have a lot of backlinks to that old URL and now when they are htiing then they are getting 404 page that is a bad SEO. Now I want to use 301 Redirect to redirect old URL to new URL.

For this purpose, I know that we have to use .htaccess and add Redirect 301 OLD_POST_URL NEW_POST_URL but Google Blogger doesn't offer to edit .htaccess so How to do this there?


Yes, Google Blogger does not offer you to edit .htaccess file but they just released an option to use Custom 301 Redirects. From this featurs, you can do what you want. Just follow the below step to use this features.

  1. Go To Your Desired "Blog" Dashboard.
  2. Go To "Setting".
  3. Go To "Search prefences".
  4. Click "Edit" On Custom Redirects ? no items Edit
  5. Now Add Your Desired Old Post URL In "From" Input Section And Your URL Should Be Like /YEAR/MONTH/POST-TITLE.html
  6. Now Add Your Desired New Post URL In "To" Input Section And Your URL Should Be Like /YEAR/MONTH/POST-TITLE.html
  7. Check "Permanent" Option.
  8. Click "Save".
  9. Then Click "Save Changes".

I added a screenshoot below to understand completely.

enter image description here

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    This effects the entire blog? Can you set up these redirects on a per-post basis? – user1380540 Mar 17 '15 at 14:47
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    @user1380540 Its for single single posts not for whole blog... – Muhammad Hassan Mar 19 '15 at 3:07

There is another solution for site based redirection using javascript. I've done this after changing my blogger subdomain and it works. Go to Settings -> Search Preferences and find the section Custom Page Not Found and click edit next to it. Enter a code similar to the following to redirect your old pages to your new web site:

var url = location.href;
var newurl = url.replace('oldblog.blogspot.com','newblog.blogspot.com');
location.href = newurl;

Change urls and save. You can use this method to redirect to other domains too. This is the custom 404 page of your old site so your old blog must return 404 for the urls you want to redirect.

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    Using any kind of javascript redirect will get the blog removed for spam sooner or later. Same thing if you use meta refresh. – Matti Nescio Apr 20 '15 at 15:41
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    i dont think that it matters if the old site will not be used anymore. – Eren Nov 10 '15 at 13:30

When Server-side redirection is not supported, you can use canonical meta-tag in the <head> section of HTML:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://example.com/some-page-123" />