My code looks like this:

List<String> filterList(List<String> list, String regex) {
  List<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();
  for (String entry : list) {
    if (entry.matches(regex)) {
  return result;

It returns a list that contains only those entries that match the regex. I was wondering if there was a built in function for this along the lines of:

List<String> filterList(List<String> list, String regex) {
  List<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();
  result.addAll(list, regex);
  return result;
  • Possible for List<String>, but think about other types. Jul 17, 2014 at 8:05
  • If there was an add all that got a Predicate object than it should work for all types. Jul 17, 2014 at 8:23

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In addition to the answer from Konstantin: Java 8 added Predicate support to the Pattern class via asPredicate, which calls Matcher.find() internally:

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("...");

List<String> matching = list.stream()

Pretty awesome!

  • 4
    this is THE answer! :-) great, thanks for sharing. (myself, being too lazy to scroll all the way down to find your answer, I had to find out about the asPredicate the hard way :-)) May 13, 2016 at 19:58
  • Nice. Is it possible to get the matching groups directly, or do you need to apply a Matcher to each element of the collected List? May 19, 2017 at 13:27

In java 8 you can do something like this using new stream API:

List<String> filterList(List<String> list, String regex) {
    return list.stream().filter(s -> s.matches(regex)).collect(Collectors.toList());
  • Alas I am using Java 7. Jul 17, 2014 at 8:20

Google's Java library(Guava) has an interface Predicate<T> which might be pretty useful for your case.

static String regex = "yourRegex";

Predicate<String> matchesWithRegex = new Predicate<String>() {
        public boolean apply(String str) {
            return str.matches(regex);

You define a predicate like the one above and then filter your list based on this predicate with a single-line code:

Iterable<String> iterable = Iterables.filter(originalList, matchesWithRegex);

And to convert the iterable to a list, you can again use Guava:

ArrayList<String> resultList = Lists.newArrayList(iterable);
  • How do I convert the resultList back to a List<String>? Do I have to add them one by one in a loop? This seems inefficient. Jul 17, 2014 at 8:18

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