I'm porting a DirectX 9 program to DirectX 11. How do I get the value in DirectX 11 that is retrieved using


in DirectX 9?

Thanks in advance.


DirectX 11 uses "feature levels" to capture the bulk of device capabilities in set stair-step fashion. You should read about feature levels on MSDN and in this blog post.

Feature Level 9.1 supports 16-bit indices and Feature Level 9.2 or later supports 32-bit indices.

The MaxVertexIndex is essentially the same as "Max Primitive Count" on the MSDN Feature Level table.

  • Feature Level 9.1 requires MaxVertexIndex >= 65534
  • Feature Level 9.2 and 9.3 requires MaxVertexIndex >= 1048575
  • Feature Level 10.0 or later defines the maximum vertex index as a full 32-bits (with the 0xFFFFFFFF value reserved for strip restarts) i.e. 4294967295

BTW, there are a few optional features that hardware can expose in addition to their defined feature levels, but there's really only a few dozen of these across the whole ecosystem. You use CheckFeatureSupport for most of these. You can use CheckFormatSupport for a lot of information, but the bulk of the settings here are strictly determined by the feature level anyhow. See MSDN for the DXGI format support tables.

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