I'm new to Oracle and I need to translate my SQL Server stored procedure to oracle. In SQL Server, I have function that returns a table variable.

Executing looks like:

Declare @tblTSVal table(stValue varchar(500), itemKey varchar(255), props varchar(max))
insert @tblTSVal(stValue, itemKey, props) 
  select * from dbo.fn_ag_valuesToTable(@tsVal)

I write this function in my Oracle database and it's working. But I do not know how to declare a table variable in stored procedure.

Now I'm trying like this:


type AGValues as object
   stValue varchar(255),
   itemKey varchar(255),
   props varchar(8000)
type ValTBL is Table of AGValues;   


insert into tblTSVal(stValue, itemKey, props) 
  select * from TABLE(dbMis.fn_ag_valuesToTable(tsVal));

That's causes an error:

Table or view does not exist.

Give me some advice please.

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    Is dbMis.fn_ag_valuesToTable a function that returns a ValTBL? Is tblTSVal a local variable that is of type ValTBL? Is tsVal a local variable that you are passing to your function? – Justin Cave Jul 18 '14 at 5:31

ValTBL is so-called nested table. To load data in it please use BULK COLLECT option.


SELECT * BULK COLLECT INTO tblTSVal FROM TABLE(dbMis.fn_ag_valuesToTable(tsVal));

But that is not root of the "Table or view does not exist." error problem. Please check your rights to execute dbMis.fn_ag_valuesToTable function.

To use pl/sql function as a table is worth to read about pipelined and parallel table functions. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/appdev.112/e10765/pipe_paral_tbl.htm#ADDCI2140


I haven't tried this, but since you're not returning the query results directly as output (ie you're executing a command), what if you wrapped it in a PL/SQL block?

  execute immediate 'insert into tblTSVal(stValue, itemKey, props) ' ||
    'select * from ' || dbMis.fn_ag_valuesToTable(tsVal);

I'm assuming dbMis.fn_ag_valuesToTable is a function.

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