So my web host won't install gifsicle on their shared servers, so I'm stuck with ImageMagick. I want to compress the images like it is here: https://pornel.net/lossygif how can I do that without using gifsicle; using only ImageMagick?

Right now my exec() command goes like:

exec("convert $animation -coalesce -gravity SouthWest  -geometry +0+0 null: $watermark -layers composite -layers optimize $animation");

and the watermarked GIF barely compresses, and sometimes it even gets larger. How could I solve this issue?


I had success with ImageMagick's Mogrify: https://www.imagemagick.org/script/mogrify.php

After you generate a large gif, you can make it smaller.

My command looked like:

mogrify -layers 'optimize' -fuzz 7% mygif.gif

The -layers option optimized any layers in your gif

The biggest space savings comes from the -fuzz option, which specifies that colors within a certain tolerance can be considered the same color.

My several second gifs went from 3 MB to a few hundred kb.

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    The -fuzz flag really did it for me, as well. Thanks for the specific usage tip! Jun 25 at 14:01
  • Why does it leave last frames shadow behind. Sep 29 at 15:16

converts gif files online without code.


If you want to use code why not use

-quality 80% old.gif new.gif

This should reduce the file size

Answer taken from:

How can I compress the size of gif images with ImageMagick?


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