I am creating an application where any one can sign up and create different things for their account like different newsletters with a url that will show their newsletter content like https://abc.com/newletter?id=1

Suppose there are 2 users having 3 url each. Now I want to give them a functionality that after login to my site they can add their newsletter url on their Facebook pages as Facebook tab.

For this process is as follow:

  1. As a super admin I will make a Facebook app and set canvas url, page tab url.

  2. Now suppose user A come to the link Add on FB and after clicking on it , app ask for authentication and after authentication show add page tab like http://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=APP_ID and user added Facebook tab on their page.

So my question is since each user has 3 newsletters url so I need to create 3 different apps or with a main app it is possible to allow user to add 3 different Facebook tabs on his/her Facebook page. If possible with a single app then How I will show different content for each news letter in the iframe that will show their newsletter content.

  • An app can only be added to a given page as page tab app once. To have one single app for multiple tabs on the same page is not possible. – CBroe Jul 18 '14 at 14:15
  • Thanks for the comment but it is not multiple tabs on the same page. It is single app which can be installed on different pages but I want it show different content according the users who installed it on their pages. – Illuminz Thakur Jul 19 '14 at 16:22
  • “but it is not multiple tabs on the same page” – well that’s what you said in your question though. Anyway, to find out what page your app is embedded on, you can read that info from the signed_request parameter. (Do some research, this has been discussed before, and is also mentioned in the page tab docs.) – CBroe Jul 19 '14 at 19:52

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