It seems like flip is doing unexpected things to my functions

Example 1:

let m = flip max
:t max
max :: Ord a => a -> a ->
:t m
m :: () -> () -> ()

Example 2:

let f x y = x + y
:t f
f :: Num a => a -> a -> a
let g = flip f
:t g
g :: Integer -> Integer -> Integer

f can evaluate floating point numbers, but g throws an error when it sees floats. But when I run

(flip f) 1.5 1.7

This evaluates fine! What is the difference between these expressions?


The dreaded monomorphism restriction strikes again!

This is due to the monomorphism restriction, which causes polymorphic functions to be restricted to a monomorphic type in GHCi. Just run :set -XNoMonomorphismRestriction or give m an explicit type signature to get around this (hint: :set +m enables multiline mode in GHCi).

See these questions for explanations:

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