I'm using a ViewPager to display 3 ListFragments of the same class, but the ListView content of each Fragment should be different depending on Fragment's index.


    public static NavigationListFragment newInstance(int index) {
    NavigationListFragment listFrag = new NavigationListFragment();
    Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
    bundle.putInt("num", index);
    Log.d("INDEX", index+"");
    return listFrag;

and the FragmentPagerAdapter:

public Fragment getItem(int index) {
    return NavigationListFragment.newInstance(index);

public int getCount() {
    return TITLES.length;

public CharSequence getPageTitle(int position) {
    return TITLES[position];

The problem: at the start I immediately get INDEX 0 and INDEX 1 logged, when I swipe to the 2nd item inside the Pager it shows INDEX 2 and doesn't show anything for the last one. The title (I'm using a TabStrip) however is set correctly for each page.

Why is the getItem() method called 2 times for the first page, but isn't called at all for the last one?

UPDATE I figured out I can't rely on getItem() method since it gets called to preload multiple Fragments. So the question is now how can I safely determine the position of a Fragment before setting up its ListView?

UPDATE 2 I ended up creating 3 Fragment classes and instantiating them based on index, but somehow I feel this is an ugly solution, I'd be thankful for a more elegant one.


ViewPager creates nearest items for swipe animation purpose. So first time when activity attaches ViewPager user should see first fragment and can swipe to second one. When user swiped ViewPager creates third one and user can swipe again.

  1. attachment of ViewPager
  2. ViewPager creates first and second items - user see first fragment
  3. swipe begin - user see transition between first and second
  4. swipe end - user see second fragment
  5. ViewPager creates third item
  6. swipe begin - user see transition between second and third
  7. swipe end - user see third fragment
  8. ViewPager destroys first fragment and create fourth
  9. etc
  • well that makes sense, I came to almost to the same conclusion after logging everything possible. But the question is, how can I ensure the correct content when setting up the ListView in the onActivityCreated() method? I really don't think that the only way is using 3 different Fragment classes, there must be a way – Droidman Jul 19 '14 at 12:05
  • @Droidman hm, I actually can't understand your problem and concerns about getItem method with index parameter. It's quite obvious and straightforward method of creation ViewPager's children. – eleven Jul 19 '14 at 12:45

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