I have the full URL of a pdf file and I was wondering if there is any control (a native pdf browser) for windows 8 which allows one to launch the file. All the examples I've seen here on stackoverflow were of launching a file through isolatedStorage.

But then I've seen this:

var task = new WebBrowserTask();
task.Uri = new Uri("something.pdf");

So can this be linked to the webBrowser control inside my page, so the user doesn't leave the app ??

  • You could go with the WebBroswer Task. var task = new WebBrowserTask(); task.Uri = new Uri("url of the pdf"); task.Show(); – Kulasangar Jul 21 '14 at 8:22

If you have a internet URL for the PDF, you can use the WebBrowserTask or Launcher.LaunchUriAsync to hand it over to the system to open it in an app (or offer the user to search the store for one if none is installed).

There is no built-in way to view PDF in Windows Phone, however, there are 3rd party components that can do this, like in Component One Studio


you can download and install an PDF reader app from the store on your wp8 device and open your PDF document with it

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