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I need to develop a web application that does the following : -Communicates with a server in my office. The server.in.the office will be managing various hardware devices.. Monitoring uptime, reboots, config changes.etc The hardware is hosted for clients so the website is for them -Presents the info from the the above in a meaningful and useful way. -Manages client account information login etc

I was.hoping to use openshift on redhat. I can write the interfaces to the devices etc on the office machine and Web server in java. I was thinking if using vert.io

BUT I don't want to have to implement my own cms for.the web end.. I was hoping to use WordPress or similar so we could use our designer colleagues skills for the ui.

How would I integrate vert.io with WordPress - is this possible / sensible?

Maybe there is a simpler java based cms I could bolt onto the vert.io application?

Sorry for long description and thanks.


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Not sure if you're already aware but there's a vert.x cartridge on Openshift openshift.com/developers/vertx. You could spin up a scalable cartridge there and then spin up a wordpress app in the same domain and then try to tie the two together –  niharvey Jul 23 '14 at 20:05

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