We are a small software Development company (<10) mainly in custom made Desktop Database applications. We have developed few Web Applications mainly used in VPN for centralized Query and reports with Flex 4.6, Spring, myBatis, Jasper Reports and Firebird. None of these is hosted on Publicly accessed web server but on VPN accessible cluster of 2/3 Load balanced Linux Tomcat servers.

Flex has been donated to Apache and Future development is geared towards (flaconJS) cross compilation to Java script, then a thought came forward "why not consider matured JS spitting Framework like GWT ?". We studied about GWT, GXT, smartGWT, vaadin, ZK. After reading many xxx vs yyy posts we have shortlisted GWT and GXT for our future data intensive web applications which may be hosted on Real world web servers. Considering our prospective client base we are considering to have GWT/similar for front end using REST calls to backend in either PHP or Spring/java depending on nature of project. We are also expecting requirements of Android Mobile applications augmenting already deployed projects.

Many of the POSTs which we have studied are from 2007 - 2012. Since then many things have changed so We feel that fresh opinions be sought before finalizing the decision. Our capabilities are, Java for 8 to 10 years, PHP never, HTML/CSS/JS never, Flex/spring/mybatis 8 to 10 years, RPC most of the time and REST for a recent project, Database applications in delphi > 15 yrs.

Clients Like Desktop Feel, very much fond of grids, modal popup data entry forms, tabbed views, menu navigation, expects use of ENTER even in Browser based forms, likes to preview reports before print/export etc. etc. We have shortlisted GWT/GXT based on these requirements, GXT demo application ticks most of the boxes. BTW we can afford to spend ample time for learning since we are planning for future development projects.

Please help us by sharing experience, suggestions, alternatives etc. etc. Your comments on this subject are valuable to us. We open to any other viable alternative so feel free to suggest it.

Thanks and warm regards.

Raja Patil

  • GXT is very good for developing Web or Desktop application. Its easier to use that pure GWT also, you can use all the components of GWT as it is with GXT. So, GXT with GWT is better option. If you can go for JavaScript based frameworks, then you will have better design and response time. Sencha ExtJs is very rich with UI components. Its easy to learn and the has an excellent documentation and very active forum also. If your application is more data-driven, you can go for AngularJS but its learning curve is more steep – Vivek Vardhan Jul 22 '14 at 6:24
  • Thanks Vivek, Anyways we are thinking of changing development platform. We are looking for good client side platform but unable to decide due to lack of experience. Can u give us your choice between GWT/GXT and extJS/Angular i.e. between Java complied to JS or pure JS with framework. Our reading about JS coding is mainly horror stories so we tilted towards GWT/GXT. In short we are considering Client dev. platform which can talk to REST services in backend which can be either JAVA or PHP based. This way we may have to study 2 (GWT/GXT java-PHP) or 3 (JS-java-PHP) languages. – Raja Jul 22 '14 at 14:52
  • Pure JS based frameworks will give you more flexibilty. You will have more control over DOM, manipulation is easy. But, GWT/GXT makes your development very easy. It will depend on your requirement. And all of these can interact with JAVA based REST services. I myself worked with ExtJS, GWT and GXT. But, you can integrate AngularJS also with Java based REST services. See draptik.github.io/blog/2013/07/13/… – Vivek Vardhan Jul 23 '14 at 6:27
  • Thanks for elaboration, I read about angularJS and watched a Introductory Video also got bit nervous since I could not make out anything from it since lack of knowledge about html/JS. Since we are conversant with JAVA we are tilting towards GWT, GXT. Can you please suggest us what should we prefer between GWT and GXT ? At present we feel that html/js just be differed for some time and meanwhile keep eye on how those frameworks evolve. – Raja Jul 23 '14 at 8:45
  • You can go for a combination of GWT and GXT. GXT is a wrapper over GXT and you can use GXT widgets along with GWT in one project. GXT widgets are compatible with GXT widgets and GWT widgets form the base for GXT – Vivek Vardhan Jul 23 '14 at 12:59

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