I am using passport and the passport-facebook-token strategy to secure my Strongllop Loopback API.

Now it seems to me, that every request I sent is actually validating the access_token against the Facebook graph api.

curl -X GET http://localhost:3000/api/events?access_token=BAADku6Ci3nUBAMI4xyqr45vZBtbiySVZBwdH4ph3qu8ukqJkSxalfCvnGiqqk6oX3p6NHQfNamgalANhZCp4wDIwBKXXaVzzH6xPxGzxKp656M64wsqupMdixZBk0p2KZAioZBZB7e2fqop5pFfWBWyamwEcBwHyMMZD

Hence the response time of my node api goes up from < 10ms to 200-800ms...

Is there any way to cache these requests?

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I found the answer to my questions in this post:

Why is passport.serializeUser executed on each request?

Check it out :)

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