lanchpad.net states that for project Emle - Electronic Mathematics Laboratory Equipment, the current focus of development is the 2.0 series

This is what I have done so far:

  1. Set the launchpad.net project to import from the sourceforge.net project Emle (this actually set the launchpad.net project to mirror the sourceforge.net project rather than just inport the content once)
  2. Examined the launchpad.net project to see that the three commits (#1 - #3) which were done in the sourceorge.net project previousley made it into launchpad.net.
  3. Used bzr to get the launchpad.net project which I did while it was still set for mirroring.
  4. Made three changes and commits using bzr (#4 - #6).
  5. Was unable to see the changes on the launchpad.net site.
  6. Requested the mirroring to be stopped (it did).

Here is an extract from lanchpad.net for project Emle 2.0 series showing that launchpad.net has #1 - #3:

Code for this series
The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this release series:

lp:emle - C.W.Holeman II
3 revisions, 3 in the past month.

This shows that #4 - #6 have some kind of problem:

$ bzr  missing 
Using saved parent location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cwhii/emle/2.0/
You have 3 extra revision(s):
revno: 6
committer: C.W.Holeman II <cwhii_hcnual@julianlocals.com>
branch nick: lp.emle
timestamp: Sat 2010-02-27 09:13:29 -0800
  #528096 Corrected setting of paramter value for emleDir to the dir
  attribute value of the message element in the lanuage message file,
  lang/emle_lang_XX.xml. Minor refactor -  Consistently setting the dir and lang
  attributes of html, head and body elements.
revno: 5
committer: C.W.Holeman II <cwhii_hcnual@julianlocals.com>
branch nick: lp.emle
timestamp: Sat 2010-02-27 09:08:09 -0800
  Minor refactor - improved comment regarding workaround for replacing
  html vs head and body elements from index html with lab transformed
  XML (to html) document tree.  
revno: 4
committer: C.W.Holeman II <cwhii_hcnual@julianlocals.com>
branch nick: lp.emle
timestamp: Sat 2010-02-27 09:04:29 -0800
  #529089 #529087 Index file html tag lang attribute corrected and empty link tag changed

How do I get the changes that are in bzr on my system to apply to launchpad.net?

More info:

$ bzr check
Checking working tree at '/home/cwhii/work/lp.emle'.
Checking branch at 'file:///home/cwhii/work/lp.emle/'.
Checking repository at 'file:///home/cwhii/work/lp.emle/'.
checked repository <bzrlib.transport.local.LocalTransport url=file:///home/cwhii/work/lp.emle/> format <RepositoryFormat2a> 
     6 revisions
    83 file-ids
checked branch file:///home/cwhii/work/lp.emle/ format Branch format 7

$ bzr merge
Merging from remembered parent location bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cwhii/emle/2.0/
Nothing to do.                                                                                                              

It turnes out that lp:~cwhii/emle/2.0 is an auto-import branch from svn. You're not allowed to write to import branches, even if you own them, because that would cause confusion when the auto-import robot tries to keep writing to them.

So what I suggest you do here is

1- go to http://launchpad.net/people/+newteam and make an emle-dev team, so that you can later let other people write to this project if you want

2- go to http://code.launchpad.net/~cwhii/emle/2.0/+edit and change the name field to "2.0-import" to "get it out of the way"

3- on your pc, in the branch directory, type "bzr push --remember lp:~emle-dev/emle/2.0"

4- on http://launchpad.net/emle/2.0/+linkbranch enter ~emle-dev/emle/2.0 to indicate this is now the focus of development

hope that helps.

(sorry they're not real links, I don't have enough karma here.)

The poor message here is https://launchpad.net/bugs/543797/

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