I'm trying to send an SMS using AT command at Hyper Terminal, i'm using HUAWEI E1552 and I'm getting this Error CMS ERROR 500, i need help to figure out what causes this error.. thanks

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    Hi, can you please post your AT command dialogue? – user1725145 Jul 22 '14 at 8:37

This is an unknown issue. The modem does not specify due to which reason the error occurs. I faced the same issue but when I restarted the system, everything worked fine.


This is an old thread but for future reference I guess this will be useful:

+CMS ERROR 500 basically refers to unknown error and it is hard to determine, but mostly this may refer to one of the following situations based on Modem or Operator:

  • No or weak network coverage - move modem somewhere with a better signal reception
  • Insufficient SIM card credit - charge SIM
  • International phone number required - send recipient's number to modem with country code

for a full description of +CMS ERROR n you may visit here or here


In my case the reason was that the moden had no IMEI number. It was receiving SMS messages but when I try to send one message, receive CMS ERROR 500.


Add country code to phone number like +96------- if no balance and network signals issue

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