My default shell on the Mac is set to /bin/bash

However when I try see my alias settings it is blank. I have to type


before they show up. After typing bash I still have the same shell as before, I check this by typing

which $SHELL

The result is always


So why do I have to type bash before I can get my alias and environment from my ~/.bashrc file


The shell created when you open Terminal is a "login shell". As a result, it will run .bash_profile if it exists; if not, it will try .bash_login and .profile, in that order. It won’t run .bashrc unless you explicitly execute it from your .bash_profile (or .bash_login or .profile).

  • To add, ~/.bashrc is only executed when the shell -is- interactive and when the shell is -not- invoked as a login shell. See reference. +1 btw. – konsolebox Jul 22 '14 at 11:08

Try using .bash_profile instead of .bashrc.

See this article for a deeper explanation, including suggestions for what to do when running on multiple Unixes.


You can also source .bashrc from .bash_profile:

$ cat ~/.bash_profile
. ~/.bashrc

Terminal and iTerm 2 invoke bash as a login shell (which reads .bash_profile but not .bashrc), but for example tmux and the shell mode in Emacs invoke bash as a non-login shell (which reads .bashrc but not .bash_profile).

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