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I'm using Stata 13.1 and ivreg2 3.1.08. When I estimate a simple 2SLS model with ivregress (or ivreg) and ivreg2, I get discrepant estimates. Here is an example:

webuse set ""
webuse "example.dta", clear
ivregress 2sls eqwlth yearYoung (educ = CA10)
ivreg2         eqwlth yearYoung (educ = CA10)

In this example, the differences between the two sets of estimates are minimal. But they are very large in more complex examples.

The discrepancies vanish when I use the noconstant option.

How can I make sense of these differences? I've looked to the documentation and to Statalist, but I haven't found any answers. (There are a few related discussions on Statalist, but none are really on-point.)

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EDIT: I heard from one of the authors of ivreg2, Mark Schaffer, about this problem. It turns out that the matrix of instruments in my example is computationally difficult to work with, and that the current version of ivreg2 is relatively intolerant of such cases. Mark adds:

If you partial out the constant with the partial option, ivreg2 agrees with the others - the condition number is only 27 million in that case - so this is the short run solution. But we should definitely revisit these numerical issues.

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I wonder if this question would be better answered at the Statalist since coding is not at the core of the problem. Also, with ivreg2 version 02.2.08, your example (without the nonconstant option) is giving me identical coefficients and standard errors down to the seventh decimal point. – Aspen Chen Jul 22 '14 at 20:47
Now having updated to ivreg2 3.1.08, I can see the discrepancy you are referring to. It seems like the new version of ivreg2 is the main issue. – Aspen Chen Jul 22 '14 at 21:01
As far as I know the authors of ivreg2 are not active on this forum, but are (very) active on the Statalist: So I suspect you are more likely to get a good response there. – Maarten Buis Jul 23 '14 at 7:45
@MaartenBuis, Aspen Chen -- thank you for your comments. I've posted my question to the Statalist forum and written to the authors of ivreg2. If I learn anything relevant, I'll be sure to post a notice here. – user697473 Jul 25 '14 at 19:14

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