Currently when I open the html file I'm working on it takes me to


Is there a way to set Rubymine to run my project from the root, eg.


http://localhost:63342/index.html -- you cannot have this kind of URL with built-in web server .. as IDE does not know what project to serve (as it works for ALL your projects a not only currently opened).

When built-in web server is in use, the URL has to have some hint (PROJECT_NAME) that would tell what project to serve (where to take files from).

Built-in web server supports 2 kind of URLs (both of them will serve the same file):


If you want 2nd URL, then you will have to do these steps:

A: Create Deployment entry (Settings | Deployment) and mark it as Default for this project. The URL defined there (http://PROJECT_NAME:63342/) will be used when opening pages from within IDE.

B: In your hosts file (or your local DNS server, if you have one) define an entry that would point PROJECT_NAME to your IP. For example (for hosts file): PROJECT_NAME

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    For beginners like me. Your hosts file is often in the following location (on Windows): C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc – Dan Knight May 30 '15 at 13:07

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