I am trying to enable both paypal standard and paypal express checkout but Magento seems to only allow 1 paypal payment method to be enabled in the admin at a time.

I did a hack by enabling paypal express checkout then in Paypal/Model/Standard.php made isAvailable() to always return true. This makes paypal standard always available in checkout.

Customers can checkout fine, but it seems like it doesn't update magento with the details. I tried resending ipn but the order with paypal standard still doesn't update. After disabling express checkout and enabling paypal standard in the admin then resending ipn it updated.

How should I go about successfully enabling 2 paypal payment methods?

Edit: I managed to make the ipn work by setting payment/paypal_standard/active to 1 in core_config_data in the database, then flushing the caches.

  • use website payments pro or something similar. They turned on express checkout also. – Kingshuk Deb Feb 27 '15 at 7:11

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