I am a frontend developer and I tried for the past few days to get into Fluid/Flux templating with TYPO3 6.2. Does anyone know a full (!) tutorial how to get this started?

So far the articles I followed did always had something missing. It never worked to create an element that was fully functional in the backend. I managed to get so far, that a new tab appears when you add a new content element, but then the tab did not work (e.g. the backend fields did not display), despite following and copying the tutorials code samples.

In use: TYPO3 6.2, Flux 7.0, VHS 1.9.1, fluidcontent_bootstrap 3.0, fluidcontent 4.0

Can someone guide me into the right direction to get that going?

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  • use the extension builder to get a basic template(-extension). – nbar Feb 6 '15 at 16:56

It´s sure that the most tutorials and example for this stuff are not complete, but there are some parts that work very well and as a developer you should be able to look at the code of the extensions itself and see whats going on.

Here are some sites and extension you are looking for:

A extension with many examples for usage of fluidpages and -bootstrap

Offical Documentation

The best way to get further with this stuff is to look in the extensions itself and in other extension which use flux, fluidcontent etc.


Take a look to the vimeo videos from Claus Due (namelessCoder), the developer of FLUID Powered TYPO3.

For Example


On fluidtypo3.org, they have a library of code examples here: https://fluidtypo3.org/library/code-examples.html

I got started just recently, and a lot of what I did was altering those examples into what I wanted.

Also, do remember that things are case sensitive :) Gotta love tiny syntax errors.


We are starting a new Germany TYPO3 FLUX Tutorial series with many Examples. Please look here: http://www.typo3-probleme.de/2017/02/21/typo3-flux-part-1-installation-erweiterungen-fluidtypo3-1904/

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