I am using QtCreator 3.1.1 to build a cross-platform project, and so I arranged to have different compilation kits for targeting my desktop PC and my BeagleBoneBlack (BBB).

Now I would like to define some macro in qmake project file (.pro) which are specific only for a given kit.

In other words I would like do in my .pro file something like:

if(kit == BBB)
elseif(kit == Desktop)

Is is possible? How can I do that?

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I obtained some help on Qt forum (take a look here) about this problem...

Anyway the solution consists in using qmake built-in test functions.

Basically I've added some CONFIG directive in QtCreator's project management: in the following screenshot you can see for example you can see that I've added CONFIG+=BBB in the project configuration for BBB kit; in the same way I've added CONFIG+=AM335x and CONFIG+=Desktop to AM335x and Desktop kits, respectively...

enter image description here

Then, in my .pro file I've added something like:

enter image description here

and now in my source code I can use something like #ifdef PLATFORM_BBB, #ifdef PLATFORM_AM335X and #ifdef PLATFORM_DESKTOP for differentiating the program behavior depending on compilation kit.

  • Thank you for that hint! Btw, it can be extended by using "Configure+=Type1 Typ2 Mode1 Mode2 Mode3" - in quotes, so that selections can be made like CONIFIG(Type1,Type1|Type2):{message(Type11)} or CONFIG(Mode1,Mode1|Mode2|Mode3):{message(Mode1)} etc. etc.
    – t_3
    Aug 8, 2015 at 15:05

I found another solution.

First, add additional arguments in Projects using CONFIG+=Variable name for kit.

screen capture from Project setting

And in .pro file, write some code like below.

Desktop {
    message("Desktop is selected")

    message("rpi is selected")
    target.path = /home/pi
    INSTALLS += target

If you look at the general message tab, you can see that the setting works well.

  • Hi, I have tried this method to add a unit test build, adding CONFIG+=_TEST to my unit testing builds. I've then added: _TEST { DEFINTES += _TEST } to the .pro, but all builds seem to act as if _TEST is defined. Any thoughts? Dec 21, 2017 at 23:33

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