Is it possible to find good documentation for the PDFsharp library?

I searched on Google but I didn't find any reference documentation.

I don't know how XGraphics.RotateAtTransform and XGraphics.TranslateTransform work.


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The PDFsharp documentation is included in the source code.

Help files created from the source code can be found here:

The XGraphics class implements the same functions as the Graphics class from GDI+.

So for further information about the two methods given in the question, search information about Graphics.RotateAtTransform and Graphics.TranslateTransform from System.Drawing.


API documentation for PdfSharp and MigraDoc (GDI+ version) is available at http://www.nudoq.org/#!/Projects/PDFsharp-MigraDoc-GDI

Enter "xgraphics" into the search box to find information about the XGraphics class.

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