I could envision a simple shell script that would accomplish what I want by just iterating through a list of files in a directory and summing the individual size but was wondering if there was already a more concise way to do that.

something like

ls -lh *.jpg

that gives me the total size of just all the jpg files in the directory

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    du -hsc pattern will give you the total size of all files matching pattern.
    – genisage
    Jul 23, 2014 at 19:47

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Try du to summarize disk usage:

du -csh *.jpg

Output (for example):

8.0K sane-logo.jpg
16K sane-umax-advanced.jpg
28K sane-umax-histogram.jpg
24K sane-umax.jpg
16K sane-umax-standard.jpg
4.0K sane-umax-text2.jpg
4.0K sane-umax-text4.jpg
4.0K sane-umax-text.jpg
104K total

du does not summarize the size of the files but summarizes the size of the used blocks in the file system. If a file has a size of 13K and the file system uses a block size of 4K, then 16K is shown for this file.


You can use this function :

dir () { ls -FaGl "${@}" | awk '{ last_size += $4; print }; END { print last_size }'; }

also you can use this command this is shorter and give you better result!

find YOUR_PATH -type f -name '*.jpg' -exec du -ch {} +

For don't show files list, and just show total size, use this:

du -ch *.php.* | tail -1


196M    total

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