I have the following pages in my WordPress site: Pole Buildings, Metal Buildings, Log Cabins.

For each page, there is an associated image gallery for product photos. I am wanting to set up a menu structure in wp-admin like this:

Pole Buildings
   -> Image Gallery

Metal Buildings
   -> Image Gallery

Log Cabins
   -> Image Gallery

I know how to create menu items in the admin but I can't figure out how to add a functioning parent menu for the specific Pages. Can someone explain how to do this? This question is specific to a WordPress post type of: Page


Assuming you are using same page template for all the three pages, call the menu and display the image gallery with conditions. i.e.,

if(page_id==[page_buildings_id]){ //display page buildings image gallery}
elseif(page_id==[metal_buildings_id]){//display metal buildings image gallery}
elseif(page_id==[log_cabin_id]){//display log cabin image gallery}
  • Thank you for your response. The question is actually specific to creating a parent menu and a child menu. The parent menu being a specific page. For example, this would be the menu slug for the Log Cabins Page: (post.php?post=35&action=edit) I can successfully create a menu with this slug, but when I click on the menu, WP Admin sets the selected menu to: Pages - > All Pages – RichardB Jul 24 '14 at 16:07

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