go test -timeout 99999

throws this non sense error

invalid value "99999" for flag -test.timeout: 
time: missing unit in duration 99999

Is it a bug ? I'm using go version go1.3

The "help" cli is useless too. It says -test.timeout=0: if positive, sets an aggregate time limit for all tests. However if you do go test -test.timeout 99999 you get the same error

 -test.timeout=0: if positive, sets an aggregate time limit for all tests
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    How is "missing unit in duration 99999" a nonsense error? – icza Jan 30 '15 at 12:39

Use a valid time.ParseDuration input. For example,

$ go test -timeout 300ms

$ go test -timeout 99999s

Command go

Testing flags

-timeout t

If a test runs longer than t, panic.

Package flag

Duration flags accept any input valid for time.ParseDuration.

Package time

func ParseDuration

func ParseDuration(s string) (Duration, error)

ParseDuration parses a duration string. A duration string is a possibly signed sequence of decimal numbers, each with optional fraction and a unit suffix, such as "300ms", "-1.5h" or "2h45m". Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "µs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h".

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If you need this for just one test that you want to easily fail when it times out there is a neat way of just using timeout channels.

If I suspect a test will time out and I still want it to fail is to work with a timeout channel.

So imagine you have code where you suspect that some goroutines will deadlock and you want to make sure your test fails on that.

For that I run the actual test in a goroutine and the main goroutine then sits around waiting for either the done channel to finish or the timeout to finish.

func TestWithTimeOut(t *testing.T) {
    timeout := time.After(3 * time.Second)
    done := make(chan bool)
    go func() {
        // do your testing
        time.Sleep(5 * time.Second)
        done <- true

    select {
    case <-timeout:
        t.Fatal("Test didn't finish in time")
    case <-done:
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  • Elegant solution. Although I would have hoped that the testing package to have itself such functions – Christophe Vidal Feb 21 at 17:19

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