The standard Python function socket.socketpair is unfortunately not available on Windows (as of Python 3.4.1), how can I write a replacement that works on both Unix and Windows?

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Python 3.5 includes Windows support for socket.socketpair(). For Python 2.7+, you can use the backports.socketpair package (which I authored) on PyPi:

import socket
import backports.socketpair

s1, s2 = socket.socketpair()
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    Would +1 more than once if I could because both the knowledge that this problem went away starting with Python 3.5, and that there is a PyPi package to polyfill it on versions which didn't have it, answers the actual root problem that undoubtedly drives just about everyone to this question. – mtraceur Feb 22 '18 at 22:25
  • Please add full code, because links (even those to PyPi or GitHub) might break. +1 anyway. – Tino Oct 25 '19 at 11:47
import socket
import errno

def create_sock_pair(port=0):
    """Create socket pair.

    If socket.socketpair isn't available, we emulate it.
    # See if socketpair() is available.
    have_socketpair = hasattr(socket, 'socketpair')
    if have_socketpair:
        client_sock, srv_sock = socket.socketpair()
        return client_sock, srv_sock

    # Create a non-blocking temporary server socket
    temp_srv_sock = socket.socket()
    temp_srv_sock.bind(('', port))
    port = temp_srv_sock.getsockname()[1]

    # Create non-blocking client socket
    client_sock = socket.socket()
        client_sock.connect(('localhost', port))
    except socket.error as err:
        # EWOULDBLOCK is not an error, as the socket is non-blocking
        if err.errno != errno.EWOULDBLOCK:

    # Use select to wait for connect() to succeed.
    import select
    timeout = 1
    readable = select.select([temp_srv_sock], [], [], timeout)[0]
    if temp_srv_sock not in readable:
        raise Exception('Client socket not connected in {} second(s)'.format(timeout))
    srv_sock, _ = temp_srv_sock.accept()

    return client_sock, srv_sock
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    I'd use errno.EWOULDBLOCK rather than the number 10035. – Ross Ridge Jul 24 '14 at 14:08

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