Does anyone know how to generate TimeBased UUIDs in Java/Scala?

Here is the column family:

CREATE table col(ts timeuuid)

I'm using Cassandra 1.2.4

Appreciate your help!

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Cassandra has UUIDGen for generating Timeuuids. The source for this is here:

If you are using the Datastax drivers you can use the utility class, UUIDs, to generate one

import com.datastax.driver.core.utils.UUIDs;
UUID timeBasedUuid = UUIDs.timeBased();

i am using the same way for cassandra cli, and for column name i am using


scala>     val timestamp = System.currentTimeMillis().toString
timestamp: String = 1406279679674


mainly it depends on your row key if rowKey is your userId or something, then there is no chance of submission of duplicate record in miliseconds but if you think it can be repeat then use

val timestamp = com.eaio.uuid.UUIDGen.newTime().toString

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