Am I able to publish a Windows/Macintosh projector from Flash Builder 4? I would like a solution that stays within the IDE, rather than having to open FlashPlayer.exe and export the EXE/App.


You can display your swf in the standalone flash player, and then create the projector from there (file -> create projector).



Closing this question...doesn't seem possible. I'm sticking with Flash CS5 to publish projectors.

  • I just tested this and Flash Player 10 standalone DOES work to export projectors. 11 for some reason did not. – novwhisky Jul 24 '12 at 16:19

I've had to do this with FB As3 projects. You have to convert your project type to Flash Professional Project: right-click project in the Package Explorer / Add/Change Project Type / Add Flash Professional Project Type. You'll have to create a fla to use as the source. Set the fla Class in the Properties panel to the main class of your project, and add all your resource libs & SWCs to Flash Professional Project: File/ActionScript Settings/Library path tab. This is important or you'll get compile errors. Seems like FB should do this for you, but it doesn't. Now in Flash professional: Commands/Export as Projector.

Many Years too late, but for future reference.

  • Yeah, I'm not even a Flash dev anymore. Thanks for answering, though! Hope it helps someone. – Jeremy White Mar 4 '15 at 21:56

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