I've compiled my program into a single program.js file, and within the worker, I call:


However, although callMain is executing, within that function invocation's stack I am getting the Undefined is not a function error.

My hunch is that I haven't read some essential emscripten documentation, wiki, or sourcecode.

What I know:

  • emscripten has bindings to work with workers, but only when there is an emscripted process on the main thread to use these bindings (see emscripten.h)
  • In order to compile a task (within a library that runs on the main thread) to a worker, emcc needs special options passed at compile time for that task (see settings.js)

What I surmise:

  • There may be flags that I need to pass to let emcc know not to call functions on nonexistent objects, like window
  • Having looked through the implementation of /dev/tty, which is linked to by /dev/stdin, and the implementation of /dev/stdout, I believe there may be output to the console, which I don't believe is supported in a worker

What I am asking:

  • How can I use my library, a single js file, in a worker?
    • My library loads other files from a program.data file, if that makes a difference

Thanks in advance. Please let me know if I can add any details.

Note: the code at top is simplified - it doesn't seem to be an error in syntax.


  • The stacktrace (Error.stack) only tells me that the error occured in Module.callMain. It does not tell me anything about the imported script that might be causing it. :(

Emscripten output should run on a website, on a web worker, or in node, all without modifications. There might be some limitations (e.g. no canvas to render to in a worker), but otherwise it is just pure JS that can run in those three environments.

Does the exact same JS file that emscripten generated work outside of a worker?

If callMain() fails, check that your project has a main() function.

  • Should main need to be an exported function (_main)? – zzmp Jul 28 '14 at 5:04

Immediately after loading the js (by importScripts()) it may not be executed yet, hence you are not ready. You can ask Emscripten to call a callback for you when things are ready. You will have functions accessible via the variable Module.

var Module = {
    onRuntimeInitialized: function load_done_callback() {
        console.info("The Module is loaded and is accessible here", Module);
        console.inf("no need to call main() though", Module._main); // add "_" before your function names


No need to call callMain() or Module._main(), it will be called for you. You may need to set NO_EXIT_RUNTIME=1 in compiler command line:

em++  \
  -s EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS="['_main', '_myfunction1' , '_my_function2' ]" \
  program.cpp \
  -o ./program.js

Note that you don't need to compile as worker in this case where you use importScripts().

  • I noticed that simply calling importScripts() without using the synchronous load callback onRuntimeInitialized: worked for me. But I am not sure if would be guaranteed to work. – Sohail Si Jan 15 '17 at 15:51

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