Is it possible to pass Tuples as parameters to functions that take AnyObject as the parameter?

I'm using the OneDrive SDK that allows you to pass a userState Parameter which is declared as AnyObject. The function is declared as follows:

func getWithPath(path:String, userState: AnyObject)

i'd like to call this method passing in a Tuple since I want to pass multiple values with different types like so:

getWithPath("me/skydrive", (name: "temp", callingDate: Date(), randomValue: 2345))

is it possible to pass a Tuple as a parameter where an AnyObject is expected?


Tuples are no Objects, so this won't work. However if you change AnyObject to Any, you can pass objects as well as tuples:

func getWithPath(path:String, userState: Any)
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From swift docs

You’ll have access to anything within a class or protocol that’s marked with the @objc attribute as long as it’s compatible with Objective-C. This excludes Swift-only features such as those listed here: 7 Generics


Enumerations defined in Swift

Structures defined in Swift

Top-level functions defined in Swift

Global variables defined in Swift

Typealiases defined in Swift

Swift-style variadics

Nested types

Curried functions

For example, a method that takes a generic type as an argument or returns a tuple will not be usable from Objective-C.

So you can not use tuple for AnyObject as there is no matched objective c object for tuple.Instead use Dictionary to pass as parameter

Use dictionary instead

var abc:[String:AnyObject] = ["abc":123,"pqr":"not"] you can use AnyObject for thar

Use this for your dictionary

let userState:[String:AnyObject] = ["name": "temp", "callingDate": NSDate(), "randomValue": 2345]
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  • The problem is that the I don't have consistent value types for the dictionary. I have a string, a bool, a int and many more as value types. How can I overcome this barrier? – Salman Hasrat Khan Jul 26 '14 at 12:07
  • As sdk is written in Objective C so you can not use tuple.You can send Dictionary as parameter and make key like state and set this key with NSString value or NSNumber value.When you are getting to use value you can check the class of dictionary value and do appropriate action. – codester Jul 26 '14 at 12:12
  • tuple is same as the Dictionary you can do everything with dictionary which you can do with tuple at toplevel – codester Jul 26 '14 at 12:14
  • okay so I'm trying to do this... let userState = ["name": "temp", "callingDate": Date(), "randomValue": 2345)] but swift won't allow me to do this because the value types are different i.e String, Date, Int. How can I get around this ? – Salman Hasrat Khan Jul 26 '14 at 12:15
  • Use NSDate instead of Date – codester Jul 26 '14 at 12:43

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