I can't get this stupid chart to stay in its container when padding has been applied to the container. It doesn't matter if the responsive option is set to true.

It also doesn't matter what I set box-sizing to. What's the purpose of the responsive option if not to fit it's container?

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    Experiencing the same issue. I don't think Chart.js calculates the dimensions of the canvas correctly. As stated in the answer another container without any padding will solve the problem. – Hawk Jan 27 '15 at 5:14

As with most CSS, the answer is to use another wrapper!

I had the same problem (and I'm using box sizing)

Just put one div around your canvas! (the divs will inherit the box sizing)


Good luck


  • this works like a charm! thanks! – Ally Jr Dec 6 '15 at 10:07

This will solve the issue


new Chart(ctx).Line(data, {
    maintainAspectRatio: false


Chart.defaults.global.responsive = true;
Chart.defaults.global.maintainAspectRatio = false;

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