I am facing a strange issue.

I have Post has_many attachments. as: :imageable

and Attachment belongs_to imageable, polymorphic: true

I am trying to upload multiple images attached to a single post using dropzone.js

However, whenever I upload multiple files in the dropzone-powered form, each image gets uploaded as its own post. I upload 4 images, I get 4 posts with each of the attached image. How can I get all of the images I attach to a post to be associated with that post only?

Here is what the posts.js looks like:

  // disable auto discover
  Dropzone.autoDiscover = false;

 // grap our upload form by its id

 // restrict image size to a maximum 1MB
 maxFilesize: 1,

 // changed the passed param to one accepted by
 // our rails app

 paramName: "post[attachments_attributes][][picture]",
 // show remove links on each image upload
 addRemoveLinks: true

Create action from the PostsController

def create
@post = Post.create(post_params)

if @post.save
  render json: { message: "success" }, :status => 200
  #  you need to send an error header, otherwise Dropzone
      #  will not interpret the response as an error:
  render json: { error: @post.errors.full_messages.join(',')}, :status => 400


Relevant section of the _form.html.erb for the new Post action:

<%= form_for(@post, html: {class:"dropzone"}) do |f| %>
<div class="fallback">
<%= f.label :attachments %>
 <%= f.fields_for :attachments  do |at| %>
   <%= at.file_field :picture %>
 <% end %>
<% end %>

The param name is post[attachment_attributes][0][picture] as it appears in the form HTML. I suspect that this is the cause for the issue, but how do I change it so that the request uploads all the images attached to one post?

Thanks in advance!

  • Looking at the dev log, I realized that each file dragged into dropzone file field submits a new request and saves it to the database as a post without title and body (because I had validations turned off) I have to make changes to dropzone.js to combine all requests into one.
    – frishi
    Commented Aug 5, 2014 at 20:11

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Dropzone Issue It looks like this is an issue that is untested but you can use the development branch of Dropzone to access it. This link has the details.

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