I am trying to resize a table automatically to full width of the page. That table should have 2 columns, 50% width each.

How can I achieve this? I tried LeftIndent and RightIndent properties with no luck.

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    posting some of you current code might help us.....
    – Mo Patel
    Jul 28, 2014 at 12:07

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Here's an approach that avoids hardcoding widths and allows for more flexible paper formats. Make sure to include the using MigraDoc.DocumentObjectModel; statement in your class.

Document document = new Document();

Section section = document.AddSection();

section.PageSetup = document.DefaultPageSetup.Clone();
section.PageSetup.PageFormat = PageFormat.A4;

Table table = section.AddTable();

float sectionWidth = section.PageSetup.PageWidth - section.PageSetup.LeftMargin - section.PageSetup.RightMargin;
float columnWidth = sectionWidth / 2;

Column column = table.AddColumn();
column.Width = columnWidth;
Column column2 = table.AddColumn();
column2.Width = columnWidth;

Row row = table.AddRow();
row.Cells[0].AddParagraph("Row 1, Column A");
row.Cells[1].AddParagraph("Row 1, Column B");
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    It should be noted that this works only if PageSetup.PageWidth, PageSetup.LeftMargin and PageSetup.RightMargin where previously assigned. If you want to use the default values for PageSetup, assign DefaultPageSetup.Clone() to the PageSetup of the section. Nov 8, 2017 at 12:57
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    Add section.PageSetup = document.DefaultPageSetup.Clone(); before section.PageSetup.PageFormat = PageFormat.A4;
    – Jinjinov
    Jun 30, 2020 at 11:48

You cannot use percent values with MigraDoc.
You can set the absolute width of each column.

So when using DIN A4 with 2.5 cm margin at each side, you have 16 cm left for the table and so you have to create two columns of 8 cm each.

You can set the left indent of the table to move tables horizontally.


If the answer from Kidquick does not work, use document.DefaultPageSetup:

document.DefaultPageSetup.PageFormat = PageFormat.A4;

int sectionWidth = (int)document.DefaultPageSetup.PageWidth - (int)document.DefaultPageSetup.LeftMargin - (int)document.DefaultPageSetup.RightMargin;

Table table = section.AddTable();
Row row = table.AddRow();
row.Height = 60;
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    The DefaultPaegSetup should never be modified. A Clone() of DefaultPageSetup can be assigned to the PageSetup of the session and can be modified as needed. Aug 5, 2017 at 12:51

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