This works:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant && grunt build

This doesn't:

vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant && grunt build'

(exits with bash: grunt: command not found)


Reason I'm asking is that I have a shell script that deploys a site to GitHub Pages, and I wanted to add a build step at the beginning to get a fresh build right before deployment.

I also tried writing a shell script vagrant_build.sh like:

cd /vagrant
grunt build

and having vagrant run it with vagrant ssh -c 'bash /vagrant/vagrant_build.sh', but it still can't find grunt.

The docs say that vagrant ssh -c COMMAND runs a single command, do I need to take that 100% literally? I was interpreting it as 'anything you can fit in one line in a terminal'.


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because grunt is not in your vagrant's path. so give it absolute path.

cd /vagrant && /path/to/grunt build
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    Interesting, any idea why the nodejs shims get loaded with vagrant ssh but not with vagrant ssh -c COMMAND? Does the ~/.bashrc not get loaded on the latter? Commented Jul 29, 2014 at 1:47

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