I'm writing some acceptance tests for a java webapp that returns JSON objects. I would like to verify that the JSON returned validates against a schema. Can anyone suggest any tools for this?


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The JSON Tools project (Programmer's Guide) includes a tool to validate the contents of a JSON file using a JSON schema.

An alternative could be to validate running the (JavaScript) JSON Schema Validator using Rhino.

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    I'm betting a lot has changed on this subject since March 2010. What are your thoughts now? Are you using anything for JSON validation? Also, @Fredrik , how about yourself?
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    Commented Nov 11, 2011 at 20:21

The json-schema-validator (currently in version 0.0.1, so it's in a pre-alpha state) worked pretty well for me. Be aware that it is not 100% feature complete but it could still correctly identify a lot of errors in my json content.


@b.long I came across this post looking for a very particular solution to easily verify if a String's content has a JSON (object/array). I couldn't find any library that would suit my needs.

JSON Tools project or json-schema-validator though offer a lot are too big for my needs. Thus I did implement my own solution that is build on top of JSON.org reference implementation of JSON in Java. I have already been using the JSON.org's code and technically all this functionality was already there, thus I added this very simple functionality reusing its code.

I use it to easily test if the String returned by methods querying my database are formatted in proper JSON which otherwise if badly formatted and posted to a client might cause it to stop working.

Hope this is of use to you as it is to me.

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