What is the difference between "view" and "synonym" in Oracle?

This is what I think:

  • View can be created using multiple tables. View is logical and does not occupies space.
  • Synonym can be created for single table, view, sequence or index. Synonym is physical and needs space.

Is this correct? If not, then what is it?

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Table is a basic unit of data storage in an oracle database. It holds all user accessible data.

View is a virtual table

  • It can be created on a table or another view.
  • It is just like a window through which we can access or change base table data.
  • It does not contain data of its own. It always takes data from its base table.
  • It is stored as a query in data dictionary. Whenever you query a view it gets data from its based table using this query.

Main advantage of using views are

  • You can restrict access to predetermined set of rows and columns of a table
  • You can hide complexity of query
  • You can hide complexity of calculation

Synonym is alternate name given to table, view, sequence or program unit.

  • It is used to mask real name and owner of the object.
  • You can provide public access to tables by creating public synonyms.

Reference : here

Other already answered similar questions and references.

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view is a sub set of table. View is created multiple Tables and to Reduced Query complexity. View contain Select statement and using filter Commands.


Synonym is mirror of table. Synonym created single table and to reduced Table name complexity. Synonym doesn't Contain Select Statement.


A view is logical table that is based on table or View. We can create a view to reduce complexity of the query. A Synonym is alternative name for database objects Like a Table, View, Sequence. It can be Public and Private.

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