I have a JSF in which i have a functionality to delete a particular row of a grid. I am using panel grid. On click of delete button i get a confirmation dialog box on click of yes which the row should be deleted and the grid should be refreshed. I am able to delete the row however the grid does not get refreshed or clear. Below is my JSF Code. Any help will be appreciated.

<p:commandButton id="delete"
  icon="ui-icon ui-icon-trash"
  <p:confirm header="Delete Record"
    message="Are you sure about deleting this record?"

<p:confirmDialog global="true" showEffect="fade">
  <p:commandButton title="GDelYesButton" value="Yes" styleClass="ui-confirmdialog-yes"/>
  <p:commandButton title="GDelNoButton" value="No"  onclick="PF('confirmation').hide()" styleClass="ui-confirmdialog-no" />
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    I think you just need to update the panelGrid - have you tried update="idOfPanelGrid" on the first commandButton? A commandButton by default updates nothing Jul 28, 2014 at 19:20
  • @JaqenH'ghar: yes i did try that but it doesnt work. Can you suggest some other way? Jul 29, 2014 at 5:35

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if i understand correclty u back the data in a managed bean u need to call a certain function of that bean with the given id and the managed bean itself would handle the operation. so after u set the rowId from ur setSelectedRowId('rowId',#{trafficSearchResult.id}) call. on confirmation button u need to call the proper delete method, and update the grid component based on its widget id for example:

 <p:commandButton title="GDelYesButton" value="Yes" onclick="bean.removeItem()" oncomplete = "PF('datagrid_widget_id').update() PF('confirmation').hide()"/>

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