In the hope of tempting Googlebot with fresh content, I've implemented a homepage news ticker which displays the 20 most recent headlines on our site.

The implementation I have chosen is a <ul> with each headline being a <li>

Initially all the <li> elements have no style but Javascript kicks in on page load and gives all but one of them a style="display:none" attribute. Javascript then displays each of the other 19 headlines in a loop. So far so good.

However, in order to prevent a visually unplesant page load where the 20 items display and then immediately collapse, I am using overflow:hidden on the <ul> element.

Anyone got a view on what Googlebot is likely to make of this? Does the fact that I'm using overflow:hidden make the content look like spam?


Found this related discussion - it seems that as long as the content is relevant and not just keyword stuffing, it should be fine Does google index pages with hidden divs?

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